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Serpent collection is Deeksha's Graduate Project of 2023, the concept behind the collection revolves around the Serpent and snake's negative connotations. Words like snake are often used to describe flakey, manipulative, cunning, sly, vicious, nasty and toxic people. The emotions and rage felt along with these words make this collection the "revenge" collection, as people experience a character in their lives who are "snakes". Using the rage and passion associated with that word, Deeksha wants to convey through her collection for everyone to awaken their inner serpent.

Daia collective

Serpent Collection

Your fashion is the supreme symbolism of self expression, don’t let anyone take that away from you!

Deeksha Patel 2023
serpent mood board
greens, browns, red and earthy tones with snake textures
the 6 silhouettes line up
process images

Some BTS and Process Images.

Deeksha Patel

This is DAIA x collective by Deeksha Patel. A driven and passionate emerging Fashion Designer who is dedicated to introducing her take on sophisticated, contemporary, curated collections through trend analysis and the importance of ethics and sustainability of slow fashion.