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Sartorial Alchemy by Meghan Louise

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In a nuanced fusion of scientific principles and the craftsmanship of attire, ‘Sartorial Alchemy’ by Meghan Louise is an expression of the captivating connections between the seemingly distance realms of science and style. This amalgamation aims to ignite intellectual curiosity, and prompt discussions that transcend traditional fashion discourse. The elegance of science intertwines with the allure of fashion to offer fresh perspective on how the principles that govern our natural world can be translated into wearable art.

Photographer: @bydelaroze
Photographer: @bydelaroze
Model: Margaux Malouf
Photographer: @bydelaroze
Models (left to right): Ruby Hussey, Margaux Malouf, Niyah Uko (Rebel Rebel Agency)

Drawing inspiration from amorphous materials and microscopy, the distressed lines and layering of knit elements mirror the configuration of fibres under a microscope and amorphous lattices, such as ceramics and glasses. The use of organza for the deliberate exposure of construction lines is another connection to the concept of microscopy and understanding the make-up of organisms.

Fractal geometry, the infinite repetition of patterns at different scales, is also embraced in this collection. This principle inspires intricate and mesmerising textures, and is more explicitly reflected in the gathered frills repeated at different scales.

Curvatures and dynamic shapes and silhouettes are the embodiment of fluid dynamics in this collection, featuring undulating lines and gentle ripples that cascade across and down the body. The ethereal essence of motion is realised on the runway through this fusion of fashion and fluidity.

Crystallisation as a process where solid crystals form in a solution through various solubility conditions, is explored in this collection. It is also a naturally occurring process found in the blood of some animals or when water turns to ice and snow. This organic occurence merges with fashion to produce hem lines adorned with home-grown crystals.

Meghan Condoleon

Meghan Condoleon, the force behind 'Meghan Louise,' stands at the intersection of art and science. Based in the vibrant Brisbane/Meanjin, Meghan has emerged as a distinctive fashion designer with a penchant for blending creativity and intellect. Meghan's designs are not just garments; they are a fusion of artistic expression and scientific inspiration that tell a story beyond fabric and stitches.