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Hopevale Award
Cameron Votan Mentorship Award

My design collection, titled "Initial," delves into the profound concepts of Asian philosophy, capturing the essence of life's constant fluctuations and the acceptance of both highs and lows that it brings. In the spirit of this philosophy, I have chosen to employ fish wire to craft sinuous, curvaceous shapes, and I have embraced curves and circles throughout my designs. These shapes symbolize the undulating journey of existence, illustrating how we must adapt and embrace the ever-changing world around us. Furthermore, "Initial" delves into the theme of uncertainty, a significant facet of Asian culture. In life, we often invest effort into endeavors without full control over the outcome, leading to feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness. The collection encapsulates this sentiment by featuring twists, wires, and cords, allowing wearers to adjust silhouettes, lengths, and volumes. It encourages individuals to explore the unknown with a sense of adventure, to give their best without attachment to specific outcomes, and to find liberation in letting go. "Initial" is a celebration of embracing the unpredictable journey of life while reveling in the discovery and transformation it offers.

Eris Xu Chen

Silhouette 1: Mountain River Top and Lantern Skirt

Harmonizing three distinct fabrics and textures, this ensemble artfully captures the undulating layers of mountains and the meandering curves of rivers. Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese lanterns, the skirt is meticulously crafted with French seams, ensuring structural support akin to boning.

Silhouette 2: Initial

A cornerstone in my intimate collection, this design is a personal creation—a reinterpretation of the traditional changshan with a modern twist. Crafted in the traditional manner with silk lining, the sleeves and length embrace contemporary aesthetics. The frill wrap, reflecting Western influences and diverse cultural adaptations, mirrors my journey of blending Asian roots with a Western lifestyle.

Silhouette 3: The Link

Comprising a floral shirt, corded skirt, and a distinctive body chain, this ensemble symbolizes a fresh start in life. The versatile cords on the skirt, adaptable in style and length, draw parallels to the roots of plants or the connection between mother and child in human relationships. It serves as a poignant link, ushering in the blooming of flowers and the commencement of new life.

Silhouette 4: Fire Top and Lantern Skirt

In the quest for my true passion, time became both mentor and muse. The essence of genuine passion, akin to a perpetual flame, stands as a guiding light, illuminating the purpose woven into the fabric of life.

Silhouette 5: The Ash Set

A top corset paired with bottom pants, meticulously crafted through experimentation with draping techniques and fabric manipulation. Inspired by the aftermath of fire and lantern, this ensemble seeks to articulate the essence of ash, smoke, and the transformative process of burning. The presence of red thread symbolizes the coiling journey within the flames, encapsulating the beauty found in darkness and destruction.

Silhouette 6: The Dragon Dress

Elegantly manipulating soft fabrics, this dress exudes extravagance. Crafted from premium printed silk with Swarovski onyx buttons, it embraces luxury. Fish wires adorned with beads allow for shape and length adjustments. Inspired by the strength within softness, it pays homage to Asian women—gentle in appearance, yet possessing powerful minds. An ensemble merging soft aesthetics with formidable intellect.

Eris Xu Chen

Eris Xu Chen (she/her) is a globally inspired fashion designer and stylist, originating from China and venturing through France, the USA, and Australia. Her design philosophy artfully weaves together diverse cultural influences, rejuvenating the elegance of Asian art and traditions. Eris's brand, “Undone Tailored-Storeofxu”, embodies the essence of everyday luxury. Her meticulous craftsmanship and use of high-quality, character-rich materials define garments that exude confidence and allure. Drawing from Asian aesthetics, Eris reimagines traditional silhouettes into modern interpretations, a beautiful blend of culture and contemporary design.