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Cameron Votan Award

This collection finds its inspiration in the mystical heart of an enchanted forest—a place where children can experience boundless wonder and embark on endless adventures. It features six distinct characters, each personified through enchanting children's dance costumes. Among them are the graceful Forest Fairy, formidable Evil Queen, enigmatic Angel of Darkness, regal Ice Queen, vigilant Pixie who safeguards the flora and fauna, and the mischievous Jester. These costumes are not merely functional but also intricate and unconventional in design, boasting rich textures and voluminous forms, deviating from mainstream costume norms.

evil queen


Angel of darkness


forest fairy

ice queen

“All It Takes Is Faith, Trust, and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust”

Tinker Bell

Tianna Senti

Dance has been a life long passion for Tianna. This artistic pursuit has continued to shape her life in significant ways. As she transitioned into adulthood, her deep-seated love for dance inspired her to venture into the realm of dance costuming. Fueled by a genuine enthusiasm for creating children's dance costumes, Tianna has established her own business known as Dazzle Me Dancewear & Costuming. She eagerly anticipates the evolution and growth of her business following her university studies.