Fashion - Bachelors

Eastwell – Pleated Punk

Introducing "Eastwell: 2023 Grad Collection" Eastwell is a daring grad collection, made completely from upcycled and repurposed fabric, clothing and furnishing material, uniting punk rebellion with fierce feminism. This collection embraces unapologetic self-expression, exploring the depths of your feminine rage and queer identity. Inspired by punk's countercultural movement, the pieces boldly challenge norms, staying true to femininity while defying the male gaze. With Vivienne Westwood's words to guide us: "Punk was about accepting what you can't change and taking control of your life." The feral feminism influences celebrate the strength and resilience of women, Gloria Steinem's wisdom holds: "The struggle for equality belongs to all who care about human rights." This reflects the complexity of women's experiences, echoing Simone de Beauvoir's quote "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman," represented in each layer of pleating as the collective strength within.

Hannah Jeffrey

Hannah is the queer designer and founder behind the brand ‘Eastwell’. She is one of many ardent fashion designers in Meanjin, Brisbane, dedicating her work to celebrating the triumphs and tribulations of queer womanhood. Hannah’s designs convey these stories while adhering to ethical practices and resourcing. In her work, Hannah hopes to shine a spotlight on empowerment, unity, and ethical fashion in the industry and community.