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Dawn Of Power by HAENA

Dawn Of Power is a collection based on the game of chess. It relates back to society where the desire for social status is a fundamental human motive. People seek to receive respect from others and strive to be superior and a chess game is a simplified version of life that resonates a battlefield in action. Presented on the runway are 5 silhouettes of the 5 chess pieces: bishop, queen, knight, king, and the pawn.

The pawn plays the main role in this collection as they are usually known to be the weakest player in the game. It represents their ability to turn themselves into a queen once they reach the end of the chessboard, becoming the most powerful piece. However, to get there, they need to fight through the battlefield amongst all the other characters, risking their lives. Red is incorporated into the collection to represent blood.

The Knight

The Bishop


The King

The Queen

The King and Queen

The Queen dies

The Pawn – the new Queen

The end

Hannah Kim

Hannah Kim is a designer who likes to play with her multifaceted personalities. She is passionate about her concepts and is detail-oriented, allowing to express her storytelling through her designs.