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Buwan (moon)

Mayari is the Filipino Goddess of the Hunt and Moon; her story tells of how the sun and moon came to agreement on how they would share their light to the world. Combined with Rexcie's interest in dystopian novels, they are creating a world based around Mayari’s story set in a dystopian society. Each silhouette in this collection will reflect crucial parts in her story

the calm

Before her father Bathala (creator of all) passed, Mayari and her brother Apolaki would shine their light together in harmony as they wandered across the meadows of heaven. They were equals whom their people loved.

The quarrel

When Bathala passed, Mayari suggested that they continue to rule the world equally. Apolaki rejected this believing he had more right to the throne as a man. The quarrel is said to have lasted for years.


The quarrel led to a violent war between the siblings. Their battle was long fought as they struck each other ferociously with their bamboo weapons as the earth was driven to disharmony. Mayari’s cold yet gentle light battled against her brothers blinding warm light, affect the seasons and tides.


Despite their demigod status their great war had taken its toll on their bodies leading Mayari to hesitate for a split second. A second that cost her an eye, her brothers final strike to end the war. Mayari having emptied her power wells no longer had the power to heal leaving her with a scar forever. Apolaki knew he had made a grave mistake once he saw her dimmed light, agreeing to finally share their rule over the world.


Mayari’s light continued to guide the night travellers to safety, yet now her light was dimmed letting shadows overtake the darkness created by towering spires her light could no longer reach. The darkness was stronger then ever and taunted Mayari for her weakened state.


Yet the people still praised her for all the light she could muster every night to protect them from the darkness. But the Goddess of the Moon as also a Goddess of the Hunt. So, she hunted, every night sparing a part of her soul sent to the darkest paths of the earth, hunting down those who challenged and taunted her. Mayari would never be as strong as she was before, but she revelled in the power that flowed through her now, grateful for all she had and is.

Aeron Malbasias

Keanna Capuno
Gianna Villareal
Lance (Jasper) Calicdan

Rexcie Mae Maniquiz

Rexcie Maniquiz (she/they) is a Filipino designer based in Meanjin. Throughout their life, Rexcie spent their time indulging in dystopian novels as a means of escape from their frightening reality. Their love for dystopia has enabled them to expand their skill in storytelling through design.